Therapy is always a major investment in terms of money, time and energy. You could be concerned about opening up to a stranger. Finding the right therapist in Melbourne is an essential step towards your best possible outcomes.

Having been in psychotherapy myself, my criteria in selecting my own therapists included a balance of warmth, support, feeling understood, technical skill and experience. Please consider what criteria are important for you.

If you work with me in therapy, I will connect with you in a personal and deeply therapeutic way to support the long lasting changes you desire. I use up-to-date effective methods and have a strong track record of helping clients transform their symptoms and reach for a better life.

Here is what I will offer in therapy:

  1. Collaboration.
    We will work collaboratively to identify and assess your needs. Therapy is a partnership, with your goals as priority. My wide experience and training in numerous therapy methods enables me to respond directly to your needs. Therapy with me is not a one size fits all approach. Your treatment plan and sequencing will be specifically tailored for you.
  2. Respect
    Focussed and respectful listening is a cornerstone of my work. This listening and keeping your goals in mind facilitates connecting your experiences and feelings to the careful selection and sequencing of treatment methods.
  3. Support.
    Kindness, support and encouragement are important qualities I will offer to you. Receiving support and validation of your difficult life predicaments are key components in turning your life around.
  4. Trustworthiness
    All psychologists are bound by a code of ethics. Additionally, my reputation and experience are such that I frequently treat other mental health professionals and trauma therapists wanting to overcome their own trauma and obstacles. They trust me to keep their confidence, be gentle with their vulnerabilities and heal their pain. It’s like doctors who are very particular about their own personal doctors.
  5. Effectiveness
    I will help you to heal and grow. My approach is innovative and effective. Together we will uncover and explore core blockages to bring lasting results. You can rewire your brain and change for the better.
  6. Innovation
    I am constantly developing my skills and knowledge in order to remain at the forefront of cutting edge effective psychotherapy practice. Every year I invest in training from local and overseas experts. I interweave a variety of treatment methods for you, so you can achieve your goals.
  7. Making therapy doable
    My standard sessions are 75 minutes. This facilitates significant working time even for clients who attend fortnightly. Additionally focusing on your strengths and resourcing up front makes it possible for you to face your problems while remaining functional in your life outside the therapy office