While general psychotherapy research demonstrates that over 80% of clients benefit from psychotherapy, no therapeutic modality or therapist can guarantee the specific outcomes for any individual. For trauma, over 30 gold standard research studies (random control trials) showed that with EMDR, about 80% or more people no longer had PTSD.  There is now increasing evidence that EMDR is also effective with anxiety disorders, depression and complex PTSD.

Psychotherapy research and clinical experience have identified several critical factors that contribute to successful therapy outcomes:

  1. It is important to build on the resources and strengths of the client as much as possible.
  2. A strong relationship between client and therapist creates a climate of trust and collaboration.
  3. Specific problems should be addressed by therapy methods that are effective for those specific problems.
  4. The level of engagement, commitment and responsiveness of the client promotes healing and progress.
  5. When clients engage in specific exercises or practice skills outside of treatment sessions, progress is accelerated.

To set us up for success:

  1. I will identify your resources and strengths, and assist you to amplify them. I will also support you to develop skills and capabilities that may be missing in your life.
  2. Collaboratively we will create a safe and respectful environment as we work on your goals.
  3. We will develop a personal treatment plan for you integrating appropriate and effective therapy methods.
  4. I will work with mindfulness and compassion to bring awareness and a non-judgmental attitude to your suffering as you move towards healing and flourishing.
  5. Together we will develop ideas for practicing new skills that support your healing.