Each client is unique in terms of personality, history, context and suffering.  The outcomes from your therapy will be specific to you.  At the beginning of treatment, we will map out your symptoms and issues (suffering), the contributing factors and your treatment goals.  We will collaborate together on a treatment plan that is doable for you.

You could aim to have therapy benefits such as:

  • A weight lifting off your shoulders
  • Brain fog clears up
  • Not getting overwhelmed by the roller coaster of emotions
  • Easing of mental and emotional pain
  • Trauma memories losing vividness and emotional charge
  • The trauma feels like a long time ago.
  • Working through limiting beliefs and obstacles in your life
  • Moving forward with your life with clarity and confidence
  • Being comfortable in your own skin. 
  • Improved relationship with others
  • Being able to access your capabilities
  • Renew optimism for a positive fulfilling life.

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