Rewiring and flourishing involves transforming problems at their root. It heals the after effects of trauma, adverse events and negative patterns. This transformational change is different to approaches that treat symptom management which tends to work in the short term, but are susceptible to relapse especially in new or stressful situations

When trauma and adverse events happen in childhood or adolescence, memories and learnings about yourself and the world are encoded implicitly in your nervous system and brain. In transformative therapy, we first unlock these old learning circuits and rewire them so you can function more effectively.

This process allows a reorganisation of your memories and learnings, therefore rewiring your brain with a more positive orientation towards yourself, others and the world. This process is called memory reconsolidation. It’s a powerful form of rewiring.

New brain based treatment methods such as EMDR and Schema Therapy facilitate the rewiring process. First, these new techniques work towards deep and lasting (transformational) change, dissolving old patterns of being and eliminating problems at their emotional roots. For example, with successful trauma treatment using EMDR, old memories are no longer problematic, and do not interfere with your life.

Second, new positive behaviours are planted and cultivated. You can then move towards thriving in your life.

A third effect of rewiring the brain is that it reduces stress cycles which improves immune system functioning. A calm immune system typically translates to less brain fog and decreases in chronic health symptoms. Vitality increases and you begin to flourish.