Many clients achieve effective results for a specific focussed issue within a time frame of 10 sessions or less.

Multiple or long standing problems (complex PTSD, severe trauma or developmental trauma) can take longer to heal.

Many clients with long term mental health issues fund their therapy with a combination of Medicare and Private Health Extras cover. Another option is to do blocks of sessions and return each year for a pulse of treatment. You can stop therapy at any stage.

The length of your therapy depends on many factors including:

  • The severity and complexity of your problems
  • How quickly you respond to treatment
  • How much work you are willing to do in between sessions. Research shows that, irrespective of treatment method, practicing skills and homework activities enhances treatment effects
  • Your awareness and ability to reflect on what is happening for you (mindfulness)
  • Whether we can capitalise on any previous treatment or personal development work.

You may already have many skills and insights into what is holding you back from flourishing.