Let’s be clear upfront. Positive Psychology is not about “Smile and be happy” or chanting affirmations or attracting the perfect life.

Around 20 years ago, in response to the traditional emphasis on psychopathology and mental illness in mainstream psychology, Professor Martin Seligman, Professor Mihály Csíkszentmihályi, Professor Ed Diener and others started investigating positive human states like well-being, happiness, flourishing, peak performance and flow (being in the zone).

This relatively new science is called Positive Psychology. The focus of systematic scientific research is on factors contributing to happiness, well being and flourishing, based on research and practical activities. This science is now enhanced by brain based research, including fMRI and PET Scan studies, involving many clinicians and researchers at major universities.

Positive psychology research shows that a positive mood is influenced by the ratio of experiencing positive emotions to negative emotions. Thus, the emphasis of my therapy practice, Rewire and Flourish, is to rewire past trauma and negative patterns (decreasing the frequency, duration and intensity of negative emotions), and cultivating positive thoughts, behaviours and habits (increasing the likelihood of positive emotions). This is akin to weeding the garden of your mind, and cultivating flowers and other useful plants. Ultimately this leads to greater well-being and flourishing in life.